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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Otakushogatsu 2006 went surprisingly well in spite of lack of car.

However, the interesting thing about it seems to be that the events at the New Otani are shrinking and the events at Weller Court have almost outgrown the place. Also, the trend among businesses in Little Tokyo seems to be keeping everything open for New Year, not shutting down as is the Old Country tradition. This allowed me to make sure my dear hubby, who was bummed that we missed the sake barrel breaking ceremony, got some.

I also got rid of my old Omamori (talismans) and picked up fresh ones, leaving the old ones off in the collection boxes at this Buddhist temple. They apparently do a bonfire with them in the traditional way. Cool. I have to credit my passing Intermediate Algebra to my "Scholarship" Omamori because because my performance in the class couldn't count for a B-grade. It must be magick...

One thing: we couldn't enjoy the street food because we had to eat in the restaurant that was kind enough to let us use their restroom. We got some good eats at this place at a fairly reasonable cost, but it didn't have the same charm or benefit the same good cause as the food that was being sold out of stalls at Weller Court. Minus. Then again, we avoided huge lines. Plus.

It was cool that our friend Kara came with because she was able to give us a ride home from the Red Line station in North Hollywood. By the time we got there the rain had started to pour.

Actually I hope it pours on the Rose Parade. Then maybe all the folks who see the picture postcard weather every year in Podunk and Padukah and decide "maybe I'll move to California" might just decide Podunk or Padukah is not so bad and stay another year.

Happy new year, all.