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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stuff I'm thinking about today:

1.) I have been laid low by my sinuses. This horrible cold Santa Ana has brought all kinds of nasty allergens up off the Desert and into my nostrils. I have not been fit to do a goddamn thing both yesterday and now.

2.) The Conservatives did win in Canada. But somehow I don't think that Canada will become a clone of Dubya's USian Evil Empire. The CPC is going to have to make a coalition with one of the minor parties, either the Bloc Quebecois (leftist separatist Francophones) or the New Democratic Party (leftist Green-like party). That means their ambitions of being Dubya-come-lately will be nipped in the bud by the need to find common ground. This is like, to give an example, the Republicans having to put together a coalition with the Greens or the Peace and Freedom Party to have a majority in the House and the Senate.

Sometimes I think the Westminster Parliamentary system is a lot better than the American bicameral system and its "winner take all" underpinnings. Maybe we should think along these lines when the US finally collapses.

3.) Yay yay happydance...Anime Los Angeles is coming this weekend, and after that, SCALE! Friends are coming down from Central California to attend A-LA, and everything starts this Thursday. Because I have an excused absence on Sunday I will be able to attend all three days at Anime Los Angeles. However, because SCALE also falls on a weekend when I have a class on Sunday Afternoon I can only attend that Saturday.

4.) Alito is one step closer to coronation. In a party-line vote, ScAlito squeaked by committee. Dammit!