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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm not doing too well this evening. I'm tired because I sat up late finishing an assignment. As I mentioned earlier, I was knocked on my ass by my allergies this Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow's the setup for Anime Los Angeles, and also it's when Donald Burr is going to be arriving for the con. I have other obligations which I would rather shirk as well, and I also have obligations I was let out of for the Con.

I feel trapped. I want to go home and be dead a year for tax reasons like Hotblack Desiato in "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy."

ScAlito is another source of distress for me. Both my Senators are going to vote against him, but that's not enough. We are going to be stuck with another klunker of a Justice thanks to the fucking Repugs. Another Scalia, another Thomas.

This is an irrational world run by people who are only respected for their money and their power. Since I have neither, I am not respected. Might as well take down Old Glory and haul a Benjamin up the flagpole. The new flag of the Feudal Fiefdoms of America. In God We Trust indeed.