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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ubuntu tanks on The Blue Tank...time to try REAL Debian.

Good news: I now have 384MB RAM and a 30GB HD in the Blue Tank, my 600x.

Bad news: Ubuntu installed but froze at the desktop. I didn't think to try the Live CD like I should have before I tried installing, but I wanted to see how the new HD works. Great idea, Michelle. :P

Anyway: hard disk works, RAM works, it booted Knoppix 2.6 again happily, and the fact that it installed suggests that Blue Tank just doesn't like Ubuntu. That's ok, I don't like GNOME much either. Kubuntu might work, but I'm not going to chance it. I want to Debianize Blue Tank, and soon.

So Shelby will get a 40GB HD in BlueTomato instead of the 30GB drive I intended. Good, live it up, put some more tunes on the HD. A swap of optical drives and a reinstall is all that is needed to get it ready for her. w00t.