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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New link in my links list I want to bring to your attention: The Stop Arnold Blog. It's run by the California Nurses Association and has some juicy tidbits about Herr Gropenfuhrer and the hideous, wasteful election he's throwing on November 8th. You know my views on it: just say NEIN.

There's scuttlebutt that he may not run for reelection. Part of me hopes he does so he can get a thorough spanking, but part of me hopes he doesn't so we can be sure he'll no longer be sleazing around Sacramento for another 4 years.

I'd like to see Dianne Feinstein run for Governor. Get her out of the Senate where she's doing damage left and right (yes on PATRIOT II, yes on the Bankruptcy Bill, etc. etc.) and get her in the State House. She would thoroughly pummel Ah-nold if she ran against him. Hasta la vista, baby indeed.