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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I don't have much energy to write all of what I wanted to write tonight, but let's just cut to the chase right here and now. Orange County sucks. I was in Yorba Linda today because Saccharine Trust played a gig. We were about a mile from Tricky Dicky's final resting place. The fascist vibe in the OC is thicker than the humid air has been these past few days. Ugh.

If California ever secedes from the Union, it is quite likely, to my mind, that Orange and San Diego Counties would probably ask to be annexed by Arizona. They do not belong to us. They are a concentrated slice of Red America. San Diego is only tolerable during Comic Con because you can hang with fellow geeks and avoid the locals. Orange County isn't even tolerable during Anime Expo, dammit.

I can't figure out why Doc Rosow can tolerate living in the OC.
I couldn't. I can't figure out why Chaz and Library Lynn can tolerate it either. They'd have to throw me into a rubber room if I spent more than a few days there.

However, I did find out a happy thing about Midori-chan the Wonder Wagon: it handled the trip to Yorba Linda and back with grace, style and without major effort. No overheating, no problem. Perhaps it can do the Santa Barbara run? Hmmm...I suppose we'd have to figure out whether Amtrak fare for both Richie and I would beat gasoline prices to see if we can make it work.