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Friday, August 05, 2005

"SOAR" is finally behind me, and I can start looking forward to a couple of years at Woodbury University. I was treated surprisingly well. I could get used to good food, staff members who don't treat you like cattle, a nice little campus tucked away in the hills of Burbank, and some genuinely interesting classes coming up. (No, I don't number Math 149, the Algebra II class, in the "Interesting" category.)

What I am not looking forward to, not counting Algebra II and Stats, is the debt that I am incurring going there. I am getting a little less than half of my tuition covered by grants I don't have to pay back. However, a little more than half will be loans of some sort or another. I don't like that.

That aside, I think I'm going to enjoy Woodbury.