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Friday, August 12, 2005

What can I say about Cindy Sheehan that hasn't already been said?

She's a Satyagrahi...a living example of what Gandhi did 60 years ago. Every right wing twit who disses her only builds up the force of her will. Gandhi was a little guy who swept the British Raj out of India. Ms. Sheehan, diminutive and unassuming, might do much to bring down the G.W. Bush administration.

Every day G.W. Bush refuses to meet with her, the question begins to build. What is the most powerful man in the world afraid of? What is so threatening about a housewife who buried her son? What is so threatening about her? The fact of the matter is that she has already won, she will win if she meets with him, she will win even bigger if she goes home after Bush finishes his vacation without seeing him.

G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of their rogues' gallery are classic bullies. They live to smack weaker people around, live to make them afraid. When someone stands up to a bully, their cowardice becomes obvious. You go, Ms. Sheehan. This California grrl is 100% behind you.