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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Got the Sarge disks, so I'm going to try doing an install on the BlueTank (600x) tomorrow. Just have to exchange the optical drive from BlueTomato (600e) with the one on BlueTank. This will be its final resting place, of course. It will be sweet to have a DVD drive in a lappie that might actually have the cojones to run a DVD.

I got Shelby a full set of Sarge CD-Rs but Chad is not happy with the notion of swapping through 14 CD-Rs. So? It's not so bad. It's not like installing Windows 95 from floppy like I had to do with my first ThinkPad, Little Blue, a 365x.

I wish Chad lived closer by here. For one thing, he'd be a very good influence on SFVLUG. I am one of the tent poles holding SFVLUG up now, along with Brian and Kurt. However, with him involved it would be a lot better. And he is a master Linux tuner. With him involved I'd probably get this machine up and running just right the first time. With me, though, it's going to be whack whack whack until it sort of runs right. :P It would be fine for me but Shelby's getting BlueTomato and I want it to be "just so" for her.