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Monday, August 15, 2005

Not very articulate today either.

I wanted to write something about how people who blindly, unquestioningly support Israel and ignore some really nasty policies that shock us when they rub off on us (Abu Ghraib comes to mind) do Israel no favors, and actually give aid and comfort to her enemies. I wanted to write that even someone who likes the idea of Israel like I do (we yids *did* need a place to call our own) but who also questions their policies and tactics is not a "self-hating Jew" but someone who rightfully expects Israel to follow a higher, not a lower, standard for political ethics.

I wanted to write something on how with every passing day Cindy Sheehan's moral stature climbs and G.W. Bush's dives. I will be at a candlelight vigil on Wednesday in Sherman Oaks in support of what she's doing and in memory of her son.

I wanted to write about how this friend of mine who's in his 40s got his orders to ship out to the Sandbox on October 1st. He might be going to Kuwait, he might be going to Qatar, he might be going to Bahrain, but the way it seems like the Armed Forces are handling things it's quite likely either Iraq or Afghanistan is his destination. Fuck. The guy has a teenage son. No fair.

I wanted to express further schadenfreude over Ah-nold's reversal of fortune. Will he pull an LBJ and not run for reelection? Certainly the salacious revelations about his jailbait gal pal and how he managed to pull his weight with American Media to keep it off the Enquirer's front page have basically killed his chances at being the first foreign-born US President. But will it keep him out of the race in 2006 and assure that the next Governor is True Blue? It's looking more and more like that's the case.

I wanted to also mention I have my class load all lined up and all but one book purchased. OK Woodbury, bring it on.

Well...I guess I actually did write what I wanted. Whether it's eloquent or not is questionable. It's late. I'm tired. I have Stuff To Do (tm) tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzzz.....