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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Rainy day, dream away...

It's actually pretty cool that it's raining, finally. The air is breathable and the dampness is somehow more tolerable now that it's actually rained. The worst time for me and my aches and pains is on a day when it's humid but it doesn't rain.

I'm now 100% ready for Halloween and also for Anime-LA, Anime Expo and Comic-Con. You've heard of Kunoichi (female ninjas), you've heard of Catgirls...well, I now have my Nekomimi no kunoichi outfit together. At least the winter version, anyway. Rather than going with the traditional Ninja hood and gi on top, I decided a hooded sweatshirt would be less effort, and would also kind of work on an "urban ninja" level as well. The pants are "real" Ninja pants, bought at a place called eBogu.Com. Basically they are just gi pants with tiebacks on the calves. Add a pair of weightlifting gloves, a black bandana, sunglasses, black sneakers, and ears and tail, and the effect is pretty cool.

However, I'm going to have to modify it for Summer. The hooded sweatshirt is going to be absolutely unbearable on the floor at AX and Comic-Con. I'm thinking of getting a "Ninj4 Union" T-Shirt from Megatokyo's Megagear store and making a lightweight hood that wouldn't look bad worn with a T-shirt. Either that or getting a Mexican Wrestling-style hood made by a local store that specializes in Luchador supplies...yes, there are such places and there's one not more than a few blocks from me.

Anyway, Anime-LA, a new Anime convention starting up in my native San Fernando Valley, has changed their date. Originally it was going to be held in February but now they will be running it the last weekend of January 2005. That's good, because it's now definitely not going to conflict with SCALE. I will be typing more about Anime-LA and Otaku-friendly Los Angeles in an upcoming article on my sister site, Ms. Geek's Los Angeles. Watch for it there.