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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I hate hypocrisy.

Let me state this again: I hate hypocrisy.

And President George W. Bush is turning out to be a championship-level hypocrite.

Let's go directly to the goods, shall we? Apparently in spite of W's "God is my wingman" rhetoric, W would rather watch Baseball than go to church. Like the "sainted" President Ronald Reagan did during his frequently God-invoking administration, W rarely darkens the door of any church.

This doesn't wash. President Jimmy Carter attended a Baptist church in DC every Sunday during his administration, and even found time to teach Sunday School there. President Bill Clinton attended a Methodist church almost every Sunday when he was at home in the White House. Senator John Kerry goes to Mass almost every Sunday, even though there are high-ranking clerics in the American branch of the Catholic Church who would like to deny him Communion for his views on Abortion, Birth Control and so on.

So where is George on Sunday?

Anywhere but Church.

Despite this, the Born-Again brigades still consider W their candidate. And as a return shot today, the release day of Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD, another DVD, George W. Bush: Faith In The White House will drop. True to form, the slapped-together documentary is nothing short of a hagiography of W, and conveniently ignores his unchurched status.

Now, back when I was going through my Hebrew Christian phase, you were "in Sin" if you didn't go to Church (we called it "shul" actually) every Saturday. Yes, Saturday...the congregation I was a part of had services on the traditional Jewish shabbat. As I understand it, most Evangelical churches see things a similar way. A good Christian attends Church every Sunday, come Hell, High Water, or attacking drooling hordes of Secular Humanist zombies.

Hypocrites. I hate those guys.

Oh yeah, I'm buying my copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 (and a copy for my neighbor's kid who wants to go into the Navy after she graduates High School) today. Are you?