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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

From the "Sign in, please" department:

I spent almost the entire day doing my civic duty, and so did my hubby Richie. Richie is doing jury duty, and I went to four classes at LAVC in an attempt to register people to vote. I landed a few, and a couple of more people took registration forms to fill out at home.

Richie really takes the Jury Duty thing seriously. I admit it: usually I try my best to weasel out of it when faced with it. Almost everyone does. He believes that if he has to face a jury of his peers he wants one with people who take the task seriously. He sees serving Jury Duty as a karmic duty. I can't argue with that logic.

As far as the debate last night went...I don't know whether I saw enough of it to make a judgment. I had my gut reaction to Cheney...he reminds me of Jabba the Hutt with glasses, and I mean that on levels not just on the visual. Edwards reminds me of an earnest Southern preacher, maybe one not too far out of seminary school. He's also slick like one too. However, not enough to pronounce him anything less than Better Than Cheney(tm). The subject of being "one heartbeat away from the Presidency" really gave me the shivers. Yeah, W is bad, but whoa nelly, Cheney as one heartbeat away from the Presidency is a scary thought.

Tomorrow is my first full-blown test in Math 113. I did ok on a bunch of quizzes, but this is the big time. Then Friday my long geek weekend begins. Early.

My Santa Barbara geek buddies got tickets to see The Screen Savers tape on Friday. Now, it's not as kewl as it would have been back when Leo Laporte was still on the show, but Yoshi is still part of the crew, which sort of redeems it. Then again, back when TSS was TSS they were still taping in San Francisco and I would curse the fact that it was too far away to go to a taping. Now they tape in West Los Angeles and I curse the fact that G4 fired most of the people that made the show so special. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Oh yeah, I didn't get to bring Richie to see Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, but I'll prolly be seeing it up North with the SB crew. It finally hits theatres there on Friday. We've got tentative plans for Saturday Night. Too bad Richie can't come up with me and see it on the big screen. Seeing it on DVD won't be the same, dammit.

Ah yes...DVDs. One of the successfully completed errands of the day was to also snag my copy of Fahrenheit 9/11. Apparently Wal*Mart either sold out of it...AGAIN...or they are pulling people's chains and not stocking it in the stores. However, it's on their site. W00t.

They also still sell Lindows/Linspire loaded PCs too. It's quite simple to turn a Lindows PC into a canonical Debian Linux PC, did you know that? The link will take you to how someone did that with a laptop. Not a desktop, a laptop. It's kewl. It also works with Knoppix, only somewhat easier, and this is likely how I will do my install on the fully-upgraded ThinkPad of mine. Either that, or the Debian Sarge DVD. With that Panasonic combo drive, that's now a possibility.

Too bad Wal*Mart sucks so damn much. They still haven't entered the realm of suckiness that Microsoft and News Corp and Halliburton live in, but they are awfully close. They share suckiness levels with Clear Channel and Disney and Viacom, though. And that's quite sucky indeed.

Note: 10/6/2004, 8:46am: I really think that I came off sounding like Butt-Head that last paragraph. It's retarded. However, it amuses me so much I think I'll keep it.