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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Time to get the plans together for a Grad party next June. It looks like not only the financial aid and the transfer to Woodbury is going to come through, but I will also have enough credits, and moreover the right credits, to get my Associate of Arts degree after successfully completing all 23 of the credits I will be taking in the next two semesters.

My first intimation that this was a possibility was when Dr. Ghassemi, my guidance counselor through Disabled Services told me "Don't tell Financial Aid but I took a look at your transcript and it sure looks like you will have enough credits for your AA after all." Then I checked with the counselling department and did some crunching of numbers, and sure enough, it will just about be a done deal when I finish in June. I have been advised to apply for graduation sometime during the Fall semester.

I am actually quite happy that I will get my sheepskin from Valley. I have a great deal of emotional connection to the place, and having this measure of closure will feel really, really good.