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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Semester two, year one of my return to College is winding up. I am not sure what will happen grades-wise, but I am pretty sure I will not be able to repeat the spectacular "all aces" report card from last semester. And then there's the stubborn problem of math...ugh! I mean, now I know that I have a diagnosis of "Learning Differences," and found out I have more in common with a "Mainstreet" PowerBook G3 than I ever thought I would. (No cache RAM, slow processor) But that doesn't mean I get a "bye" from my math classes. Not that I'd even want one if I could get one.

I have decided to take a pass on Summer classes this year to give math a bit more attention. I'm also withdrawing from Math 113 because A.) I don't want the pressure of having two incompletes hanging over my head, and B.) I might want to actually take Math 113 in a classroom context, preferably at a nice slow pace with extra help. The courseware has been more trouble than it's worth, it's buggy (Active X applet, need I say more?) and it is a piss-poor pedagogue.

The Eisner School of Education at CSUN is starting to get wicked crazy about their requirements to get into their program. It is looking more and more likely that I will have to look at alternatives. Unfortunately, they are all a *lot* pricier than CSUN is. Shudder.

Student loan debtor's prison, here I come...groan.