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Friday, April 09, 2004

OK, I'm sold. AirAmerica Radio officially rocks. It is nice to hear a different voice on talk radio, even if I have to listen to the voice as an internet stream because the AM outlet in Los Angeles, KBLA 1580, has a piss-poor signal that doesn't reach into the San Fernando Valley.

It's worth a listen. I understand that mplayer can handle Real streams under Linux, and if you don't want RealPlayer spyware deluxe sleazing up your Windows box, RealAlternative works beautifully as a helper program under Mozilla. If you're a Mac person, alas and alack, you're stuck with RealPlayer for Macintosh for the time being. I think that mplayer works under MacOS X but you have to compile it for Darwin and if my memory serves me right you also have to run X11 for MacOS X.