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Friday, March 12, 2004

OK, now that Cory Doctorow has unloaded about what's in his gadget bag, I think I'd better sound off with what I keep in my purse.

In the GeekBag:

  • Palm m125 handheld
  • Logitech Palm Universal Connector Keyboard. Draws lots of power while in use...not nice when you are on triple-A batteries.
  • A couple of 32MB SD cards...originally bought for backing up m125 (freebie software no workie) but will now be the home for whatever Palm Reader books I can throw onto it.
  • Ericsson r520m europhone...bought 100% unlocked. This is the last Ericsson made in Sweden. Bluetooth and IRDA connectivity, no camera, no MP3 player, no nonsense. It's still being sold in Britain at The Register's geekstore.
  • SonyEricsson handsfree unit with scanning FM radio. Really nice for walks.
  • Extra r520m battery
  • r520m travel mini charger.
  • Three way pen/PDA stylus/laser pointer from ThinkGeek
  • The usual stuffs: wallet, keys on a lanyard, hairbrush, random pens and pencils, cases for regular glasses and prescription Ray-Ban übershades.
  • Sugar-free "powerful" mints. No, they don't have caffeine in them. Yes, I could use caffeinated mints due to school demands.
  • Conspicuous by their absence: cosmetics.
  • Occasionally present: school books, spiral themebooks.

Not the most geeky load but pretty geeky, I think.