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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

From the "We could add flower stickers and a Barbie logo" department:

IBM wants to attract more women to their ThinkPad line. Never mind that they make the best damn x86 notebook on the planet. They say that they believe their potential female customers, particularly in Asia, don't like the strictly-business look of their Little Black Notebooks. Come on, the Little Black Dress is a femme classic...the Little Black Notebook isn't? It goes with everything! (set sarcasm mode OFF)

Anyway, IBM is planning on coming up with a line of colorful notebooks geared towards female customers. They might also be secondarily looking at notebook offerings from gamer PC companies like Voodoo and Alienware in this move...considering that the higher-end IBM T41 series ThinkPads already are gaming-ready with some very muscular specs, they would be wise to also market these new, colorful ThinkPads to the LAN party set.

Here's the story: