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Thursday, April 22, 2004

If you support the War On Iraq, you need to see these pictures...oh wait, now you can't. Censorship bites, and official censorship bites even worse. Why, if the War On Iraq is such a goddamn great war, do we have to cover up the reality that people are DYING and coming home in FLAG DRAPED COFFINS?

The song This Is Not America by David Bowie is going through my head right now as I update this post, 4/23/2004, 12:48AM PDT. The more the George W. Bush Administration drags on, the more my country is becoming less and less like America. However, we still have an election coming November 2nd. I think. I hope.

Another update, 1:03AM PDT: is back up again. And the coffin pix are still up, in defiance of the DoD's new policy. Good on them. Let's hope it keeps back up.