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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Steve idiot! You really bungled the iPod Mini. $249 is NOT an entry level price. And why the fsck would someone willing to pay that price not pay $50 more and get more than three times the storage space? Ooh, it's in PASTELS. Someone call the Fab Five.

This reminds me of the unveiling of the plug ugly iMacs with multi-color shells like "Blue Dalmation (sic)" and "Flower Power." They looked like crap, there were no performance improvements, and consequentially they bombed. Only after the iMac G4 (which I like to call the iLuxoJr. after the creation of Steve Jobs' Other Company) came out did they redeem themselves.

This is not the iPod I was hoping for...the iPod iCouldAfford. Maybe the Fashion Club will like this. But not me.