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Sunday, August 06, 2006

OK, when I started blogging back in 2003, I did it primarily to document my return to college. Now I'm going back to my roots and doing a school situation update.

1.) I might be delayed getting into the MSW program at Cal State Northridge until Fall 2008. Wonderful. The MSW program only admits new students in Fall semester. And if you are dual-enrolled in two places you can only get financial aid for one of them. So since I am not going to even contemplate an 18 unit course load in Spring 2007, the CSUN counselor suggested -- after first saying how wise it was not attempting to blitz Spring 2007 -- that I might be able to do a semester of prerequisites without first being formally admitted to the MSW program in Spring 2008, then get my formal admittance into the MSW program in Fall 2008.

2.) My Clamshell iBook is on the fritz. The AC socket seems to be getting flakey. I have to occasionally reposition it until I can get clean contact with the socket. This means one thing. I'm going to have to replace it -- either the AC socket if it can be replaced by the good folks at Wegener, or the entire freaking iBook. Besides, Woodbury has upped the requirements for on-campus computers, and although the iBook was initially "grandfathered in" because they had lower requirements when I was admitted, they really would like me to be so kind as to upgrade.

3.) I don't know which books I need yet. However, I'm going to have to get them as soon as possible when the book list is revealed.

The first situation requires patience. The second two: MONEY. Neither of which I have a lot of. Swell.