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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I forgot to mention here that I got my sewing machine back from Sewing Machine Warehouse, and it sews like a dream now. Apparently the bobbin mechanism was *not* attached correctly to the rest of the machine, and it worked itself loose. It's on for good now. Basically it had gone out of the factory with problems and I was so ignorant I couldn't understand that it was not in working order.

Here's what is finished with the Jedi "habit," as I call their garb in my fic, from head to toe.

* Khaki cotton sateen headwrap with braided color accent in khaki, olive/brown and brown.
* Olive/brown mottled cotton "dickie" (false shirt front) to give the illusion of an inner tunic, made according to Simplicity pattern #5840. The fabric is not camo, it has a pattern that looks more like the variegations you sometimes see on a leaf.
* Khaki cotton sateen outer tunic, made according to Simplicity pattern #5840. Has green leaf appliques attached, inspired by the placement of crests on Samurai kimono, haori and kataginu.
* Black (no, the Rebel Legion and Jedi Assembly won't like it, but I could care less) lightsabre belt, made by Pan In The Box, Singapore. I had black belt pouches, including my camera pouch, and it just made sense to go with a black belt.
* Brown ankle-length skirt, purchased at a plus size store in North Hollywood. It was perfect so I snagged it.
* Brown hooded cotton over-robe, started at Anime Los Angeles 2, 2006. Finished 6 months later.
* Brown suede "Earth boots." Sort of like the Aussie boots but not as furry. Closes with an elastic wrap-around band that makes it look very Star Wars-like. They are low boots, not high boots. But you wouldn't see high boots under the skirt so why bother with them?

Here's what remains to be done:
* Brown vest-like, chanchanko-like tabard with attached obi. Unlike the chanchanko I linked to, this will be open at the sides, closed only with the obi. It goes over everything but the over-robe. And it won't be quilted. But it will have a kimono-like collar, made with that cool olive/brown mottled fabric. The dickey will eventually be replaced, but I love that fabric and want to perpetuate it in my costume. In traditional Japanese clothing it's actually customary to do a contrasting collar on a chanchanko.

Future improvements:
* A real inner robe. I have the fabric for it, I just don't want to kill another pattern to do this. I want to trace the pattern before I use it: it's a pattern McCall's doesn't print anymore. The Simplicity pattern was not a problem to cut up: #5840 is a current pattern (and recommended for all looking to do a project like this!) and next Thursday-Saturday Jo-Ann's is selling all Simplicity patterns for $2.
* A winter-weight over-robe, made with the same directions as given at A-LA2. I also have the fabric for this (Espresso-brown non-pill fleece) and since A-LA is held the last weekend in January it would be appropriate to do this. Los Angeles *does* get nippy in the winter, and I can also see wearing this in a non-cosplay context. It's impressive and beautiful and flows so nicely.
* Utility Hakama. I still want to make a dark brown denim Utility Hakama, complete with cargo pockets going down the sides. However, the pleats are intimidating.

I'm still a Padawan Learner but I'm starting to get comfortable with this sewing stuff.