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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Ms. Geek Angelides commercial

OK, Phil, find a good Flash artist and run with this:

Angelides commercial #2: "Running up the Credit Card"

Big headed caricature of Arnold Schwarzenegger, walking down the street. He's got a super-sized credit card in his hand, with the distinctive outline of the State of California on it.

Let's look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's record on the budget. In 2004, when Arnold was first faced with the task of balancing the California budget, what did he do?

Big head Arnold walks into a bank on 2004 Main St. He goes to the teller and gives her the credit card.


Arnold walks out of the bank on 2004 Main St., crosses the street, and walks into another bank on 2005 Main St.

And what did he do in 2005? He borrowed money, added to California's bonded indebtedness, but did nothing to address the structural deficit.


Arnold walks out of the bank and crosses the street again, at 2006 Main St. There's yet another bank there.

And now it's 2006. What did Arnold do with the budget this time? He applied some of the windfall to pay back the money he borrowed from K-12 students, and won't raise Community College, Cal State or University of California fees. But has he done anything with the structural deficit?

You hear Arnold's voice in the bank, off screen..."CHARGE IT!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is up to his same old tricks, tricks he learned from his friend George W. Bush, who inherited a surplus from Bill Clinton and spent it down while at the same time giving tax cuts to the richest 1% of Americans.

Phil Angelides, wants to get real and put California back on a "Pay as you go" track with the budget. Fill loopholes that allow the rich to pay less California State taxes as a percentage of income proportionally than working Californians. Reassess property owned by big corporations and make sure they pay their fair share again. Protect our working families from bearing the brunt of the tax code, and preserve safeguards against property taxes going out of control for our families.

Phil Angelides. A real plan for preserving the California Dream.