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Sunday, August 20, 2006

OK, I can't get to my Blogger beta blog again. I suppose this is why it's in beta.

19 years ago I married Richie Hass. This is the anniversary of the wedding done for legal reasons and for the benefit of my family. We usually count our anniversary from the other ceremony, the one we could invite friends to, on the 23rd.

The relationship itself is still on a good footing. Our circumstances might be challenging here and there, but because of the strength of our relationship the circumstances have never really endangered the relationship. I suppose that's quite lucky.

I'm still feeling tired. I could go back to bed but that would make my sleep-wake cycle that much worse. I think I'll just chug another Vault Zero and try to kickstart my day.

Oh yeah, one other thought: This guy John Mark Karr who has confessed to the Jon-Benet Ramsey killing is awfully suspicious but for the opposite reason people on the news are talking about. It is clear that Karr is a serial child molester. It is clear that Karr has some very sick obsessions. What is not clear is that Karr is a murderer. I suspect we will get a big surprise when the DNA results come out, and Karr is shown up as a wannabe. We all want to see closure of this mystery. But I doubt Karr will provide that closure.