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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Book 'em, Dan-o...

I have all but two of my books for Fall 2006. $180 all told, on a credit card. More debt, bad; almost all my books, good.

One of the books I have absolutely no info on. Gotta visit the Woodbury bookstore to take down the ISBN number on that book. Another book was over $60 on Half.eBay.Com. This is not including shipping which would prolly boost the figure to more like $70. Luckily that book I don't need until September 10th. I have more time to shop for that puppy.

Hopefully next year I will have a "Book Grant" to get my books. I will be applying for it ASAP.

Oh yeah: need to take care of some tech needs. The iBook 300MHz is displaying some oddness with regard to the AC circuitry. It takes several tries to get the AC adapter successfully plugged in and powering the lappie. It'll have to be sent to South Carolina to get the fix. Getting it fixed locally is prohibitively expensive. I also need a firewire hub and some software for the iMac I just got thanks to Tom Reed.

Hopefully I can hang on until the financial aid monies come in.