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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post 665, take one...

This is all about a couple of memes that I've gotten wind of. The first is from Beep:

What might have been: Jimmy Carter's answer to Peak Oil from 1977

The second is from Wil Wheaton's I was not tagged, but I'll run with it anyway.

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life in LA:

  • Web Developer

  • Floor Customer Service at Fry's, Computer Accessories Department

  • Telemarketer

  • Hot Dog Maker (assembly of finished hot dog, not stuffing sausage)

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over And Over:

  • Blade Runner

  • Boogie Nights (Yay Reseda!)

  • LA Story

  • Rush Hour

Four Places I've Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories From Each):

  • Palms: Palms Fried Shrimp (a really cool Japanese family restaurant that's long gone, alas)

  • Sherman Oaks: Chef Gregoire Le Balch's Quiche Lorraine (He is at the Kitchen Stadium in the sky now, but his daughter is the famed Josie Le Balch of Josie's Restaurant fame.)

  • Tarzana: Wil Wright's Ice Cream (Gone too...)

  • Studio City: Corned Beef Sandwich at Art's Deli...the only thing you can still get from this list.

Four LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch:

  • Dragnet

  • The KTLA Morning News

  • Any show Huell Howser does...he's corny but I love him

  • Emergency!

Four Places I Would Vacation At In LA:

  • Venice Beach

  • Little Tokyo (but not at the New Otani because of labor relations concerns)

  • (drawing blanks on the other two)

Four LA-Based Websites I Visit Daily:

  • My Left Wing


  • Wil Wheaton In Exile

  • This one, to blog.

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In LA:

  • Miso Ramen at Tampopo, West LA (In the Mitsuwa Supermarket)

  • Chipotle Chicken Burrito at Rincon Taurino, Panorama City

  • Chicken cutlet Kare Raisu at Kyushu Ramen, Van Nuys

  • Zankou Chicken, various places in LA

Four Places In LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:

  • Little Tokyo

  • Sawtelle District, particularly browsing at Giant Robot

  • Chatsworth Park, except during the height of Summer

  • The Venice Boardwalk, the original "CityWalk" and still the best.

Next post: The Post of the Beast!