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Friday, February 24, 2006

Shouldn't it be Onna no Otaku, though?

Wired Magazine, once "wired," now far beyond "tired," has only now discovered the
onna otaku, which translates as "girl geek."

Thing is, particularly here in the States, Otaku culture has always had a large amount of female involvement. The anime convention Yaoicon in San Francisco is something like 80% female involvement, and those males who are there are either bored-out-of-their-skull boyfriends and spouses or gay guys. And other Anime conventions tend to have a rough balance between male and female con-goers.

I seem to remember too that in the OAV "Otaku no Video" there were a couple of girls in the "circle." One was cosplay-mad, the other was an artist. And that was supposed to be set in 1982! So maybe this isn't so novel after all, even in Japan.

Moral: if you are looking for "what's new and kewl" in the pages of Wired Magazine, you need to be schooled. Big time. ^_~