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Monday, February 20, 2006

An elegant weapon from a more civilized down (at least for now) and one to go.

As you can see, the right-hand sabre is just about finished. I have to do something about the lack of emitter, seeing that when you peer "down the barrel" of the thing it's just vacant on the inside. The machined aluminum pieces from the Anime-LA lightsabre workshop goodie bag are the thing that really elevates it beyond the sum of its parts. If not for those pieces it would look pretty damn lame.

I'm going to document the build of the second one, the left-hand one. I'm not sure if I'm just going to take stills or if I'm going to set up the video camera and roll tape now that I have access to one. But I intend to do the documentation so that people can see how it's done from start to finish.

Yes, that's a Tux enamel pin on the "control box." And the "on" switch is an "Any Key." And yeah, that's a dead SO-DIMM on there. It really could use a second one flanking the switches, but I need the other dead SO-DIMM I have for the other sabre. If anyone has two *certified non-working* SO-DIMMs they want to lay on me, please do. Email me (the address on this site works) and I'll give you a snailmail address to send them. Do *not* send me SO-DIMMs that could possibly be used to upgrade someone's computer. Give those to a computer refurbisher in your neighborhood, like Goodwill or Tech Soup.

Metaphors be with you...

Update 3/4/2006: the build will be documented at Thank you, Blogger/Blogspot for running such a cool service. Google still rocks.