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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Soy una perdidor...I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?"
-- Beck

I totally went down in flames on my Math 113 final. It's like I got the test and found everything, including the instructions, written in Greek or Armenian or Mandarin Chinese. I basically had a panic attack and was almost completely useless.

I'm really in a bad way now. I'm writing this at God isn't even up yet O'Clock because I couldn't sleep. This is really fucking depressing.

I might have to repeat Math 113. Through some quirk of fate I got a passing grade on Math 112 but I'm not sure if the halfway decent grades I got from the other two tests and my classwork is going to pull me through after flaming out so bad. The final is 35% of the grade. The other two tests are 55% of the grade. The other 10% is online tests and miscellany. I pulled Bs and Cs on the two tests. This last one is going to be an F for sure.

This means, of course, that cap and gown time in June might be postponed. Until 2006. Great.

Needless to say I'm totally fucking depressed. Never mind that my Linguistics 1 final felt like I nailed it, never mind that tomorrow I do my presentation for my Sociology 22 paper I already got an A on. Never mind that after my Physical Science final on Saturday I have two weeks to breathe until it all starts up again with Winter Intersession and Psych 1.

Hmm...looking at the Winter Intersession book, perhaps I could take Math 113 then. However, this teacher is someone I don't know. Two classes during Winter Intersession? Can I hack the pace? Yeowch.