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Friday, December 03, 2004

If you look carefully at my Anime-style portrait, the laptop I'm shown with is supposed to be my trusty ThinkPad 600e. Yes, I'm a serious fangirl about IBM. My first PC was a five-slot original 640K IBM PC. (Thanks, Uncle Steven.) IBM got even easier to like as Lou Gerstner and Sam Palmisano transitioned the company from "Evil Megacorp" to "Not-So-Evil Megacorp" and saved their bacon in the process. Their status as Linux's biggest cheerleader only reinforces my fannishness about IBM.

Now the bad news. IBM may be selling its Personal Systems Division. Either that, or they might spin off IBM PSD in a joint venture with a Chinese firm, Lenovo, formerly known as Legend Systems Group. This includes the ThinkPad, folks. The Bull-Goose lappie. The Goddess' own laptop, at least when She's running Linux instead of MacOS X.

Now the only laptop game in town is going to be the Apple PowerBook and Apple iBook. No x86 laptop comes close to either Apple or IBM, and now that IBM will be bowing out...well, Apple's going to 0wnz0r the market.

Oh my god, they're killing the ThinkPad! You bastards! I wonder who sold Sam Palmisano the crack he was smoking when he made the decision. Darl McBride? Or maybe Steve Jobs?