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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Counting down to that Math 113 test on I ready? I don't know. I know some of what I need to know but not everything.

After that I can sort of wind down...I have other assignments for other classes, I took a Phys Sci 1 test yesterday, but it's like the Math crap is always the toughest. The level of anxiety isn't as bad as it has been, but it's pretty high.

I wish there was some way to "get" Math and have fun with it. Some people actually do find it fun. I don't know if I will ever find it fun. Ever.

My husband Richie actually finds it somewhat fun. "That boy ain't right" as Hank Hill would say.

Oh yeah...I have to talk with Prof. Castillo about the fate of Math 112. I was told by Frank from Woodbury not to sweat's not a transferrable course and I have so many damn units I can absorb a single F. sir, I don't like it. :-(