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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today is likely the last of the Dean's List receptions I will attend. Considering the fact that I have two (count 'em!) math classes which will receive final grades this semester (one being the incomplete I took on Math 112 which is right now in danger of spiralling down into The City of F) and that I have classes which I would hope I'd get an A on but I'm likely to get only a B, it's not bloody likely I will be getting my President's List honor and pin.

It was good to see Jimmy, the Woodbury Connections student who tutored me over the summer, get his President's List pin. He's now at Woodbury busting his ass in their rigorous Architecture program. Woodbury's gotten a really outstanding reputation as an Architecture school. They aren't as well known for their Psychology program, but that's OK.

I've got tons of work on my back, I'm still trying to get over this damn cold. Actually Math 113 is looking like a bright spot in my schedule, if you believe that. I thought I'd just squeak by with a C, but right now I have a solid B. I could blow it next week, because there's another high-stakes test coming. I really don't do well in math tests. I don't test well, period, but math...ugh. However, it's not as insurmountable-seeming as it once was. :-)