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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Santa Barbara. I really wish it was a lot closer to where I live because taking a 2 hour train ride, while pleasant, eats time. It also eats money. $26.02 is cheap for round trip train fare on Amtrak to SB and back, and in the Summer high season and on holidays it's more like $40. Still, it adds up.

I'm blogging here from SBLUG's booth here at the Computer Fair. This is not the biggest show LA Computer Fair runs (that's Pomona in all its monstrous splendor) but it's one of the friendliest ones. And besides, it's in Santa Barbara.

I am very lucky to have some really cool friends here. Three out of the four blogs of friends I have linked on the right-hand side of the page are from the Santa Barbara contingent. I keep in touch with them through IRC and AIM but I'd rather I could just drop in on them and hang out.

I'm not sure if the sound difficulties will be ironed out by the end of my visit. This laptop (which I'm actually typing this on) is pretty much all working except for the sound problem. It was dead easy to get the wireless card running here. I'm pretty much set with both wired and wireless connectivity. Burning is only contingent on downloading a few files from Debian's repositories. Burning on the Windows side, on the other hand, requires buying some software...ouch.

Overwhelmingly, the advantages of Linux outweigh the extra effort of eking them out. One day I will cease to be a Linux padawan and be a full-fledged Linux Jedi. That will be cool.