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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

You might have noticed that my picture is missing in action. My web host, Hosting Matters, is in Florida. They also host sites for the State government there, so basically they are getting hammered like crazy. Email has been up and down as well.

Yes, I voted. I got to my polling place and aside from the fact that it seemed a lot busier than usual (usually it's as silent as a mausoleum at Forest Lawn) it was just as it would be during any major election. There was a girl with multiple piercings sitting quietly in a chair in a corner...I suspect she was a Democratic poll watcher. There didn't seem to be anyone there who looked remotely like a Republican poll watcher.

Both my husband and I were able to vote without incident. We had to stand there as one of the poll workers explained how the "InkaVote" system worked...I eventually told the guy "yes, I understand how the voting system works, may I get in line please?" Richie just stood there, nodding his head politely, as the guy continued his spiel.

We both voted Kerry/Edwards. We were definitely in one accord on that score. As far as the Props go, I am not sure how Richie voted, and I didn't ask. He had read my endorsements and said he'd take them under advisement. That's all I can do.

I wound up voting no on Prop 1A. My skepticism about the proposition got the better of me. If Schwarzenegger was pro-Prop 1A, it obviously wouldn't prevent raiding local coffers in any realistic way. That's how Schwarzenegger was able to balance the budget on paper, and I'm sure he'll rely on it in the future. I also voted no on 65 because of uncertainty that remains about that proposition. I also voted down the two Los Angeles County propositions: the 1/2% addition to the County sales tax for more police and sheriff's deputies; and Measure O, the sewage treatment bond. I've said it before, I'll say it again: if I'm in doubt about a bond measure I vote it down. You can read the rest of my guide a couple of posts down.

I hope that there will be a pleasant "November 2nd Surprise" to wake up to tomorrow. I intend to not watch the polls come in...I need to spare my sanity.

Please, folks...if you haven't done so yet, VOTE. So much of our future depends on the decision you will make today. Choose well. I've said my bit about who I want to see win, I'll shut up now.