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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

From the "Kerry said it would be like this" department:

George W. Bush hasn't even been inaugurated for his second term, and already he's got the Mother Of All Budget-Busters (MOAB-B?) to drop. John Kerry warned America that it would cost trillions of dollars to partially privatize Social Security. Guess what? It will.

This comes at a time when record budget deficits are spooking US creditors into selling dollars and buying Euros. This is only more grist for that mill.

I'm hoping that there might be an elector revolt on the 12th, when the Electoral College goes to cast the vote that really counts in the US system. Most States have laws against "faithless electors" but I wonder if those that don't could swing the total Kerry's way. Anyone who's a real conservative, and not a radical Fascist like the cabal of "neo-Cons" that Bush has brought into power along with him, has to be fuming over something like this.

George W. Bush. "What, me conservative?"