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Thursday, October 21, 2004

A few items from the Bush league file:

1.) George W. Bush is Tehran's candidate! Gratified that their old adversary Saddam is out of power and happy with the idea that Shi'ite candidates might sweep the Iraqi election, the head of Iran's security council is happily endorsing W for a second term. No word from Kim Jong Il about his preferences for US President, but two out of three countries in the Axis of Evil support Four More Years!

2.) The favored interpretation of the origins of the Grand Canyon is that the Genesis Flood carved the canyon, not billions and billions of years of slow erosion. Never mind that science says otherwise, Gawd said it, W. believes it, that settles it.

3.) The World Series could become a proxy battle between Bush and Kerry. Kerry is a major Red Sox fan, and the Red Sox's amazing winning streak after being behind 3-0 to the Yankees is a metaphor for Kerry's battle-back-from-behind performance in the polls. If the Astros beat the Cardinals, it will be Houston vs. Boston in the World Series. Three guess who W would support in that series, and two don't count.