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Monday, May 24, 2004

There is nothing that more bandwidth won't cure. I'm sure of it. It looks like my Last Mile Provider, Verizon, is going to be upping the basic upstream bandwidth from 128Mbps to 384Mbps. Since it's about the time I'm supposed to reup for another year of service anyway with the World's Greatest ISP on the Planet, DSL Extreme, I would probably not be charged any sort of service change fee.

This means I would have enough bandwidth to run a server of my very own. Web? Check. Email? Nah, too much hassle, best left for experts. Node of BorgChat.Net? I was planning to do it anyway.

This would *definitely* force me to learn to run a xNIX box. Which would be a VERY GOOD THING (tm), because right now, even though I do have Linux boxen, I pretty much use them as if they were running a consumer operating system. This would force me to get some admin chops going. Good.