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Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey indeed.

I think some of my Aussie friends are breathing a sigh of relief that Steve Irwin has snuffed it. Certainly Irwin has done almost as much as Paul Hogan in feeding stereotypes about people from the Great Southern Land. However, the guy did do some decent things for wildlife preservation over there, so he deserves some credit. It was, however, pretty questionable to bring your 1-year-old in to visit a croc in the beast's enclosure. You just don't expose a kid to that kind of risk, no matter how good at handling dangerous toothy creatures you are.

I suppose the biggest loss is being felt at the Discovery Channel. Their marquee personality is no longer among the living. How are they ever going to survive such a blow to their talent pool?

Yes, I can be a snarky little devil at times. Especially now.