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Monday, August 28, 2006

Yep. I called it. A sick fuck, a serial molester...
...but not Jon-Benet's killer.

This guy John Mark Karr who has confessed to the Jon-Benet Ramsey killing is awfully suspicious but for the opposite reason people on the news are talking about. It is clear that Karr is a serial child molester. It is clear that Karr has some very sick obsessions. What is not clear is that Karr is a murderer. I suspect we will get a big surprise when the DNA results come out, and Karr is shown up as a wannabe. We all want to see closure of this mystery. But I doubt Karr will provide that closure.

I was right, dammit. Thankfully he's not going away scot free because he's got a big fat warrant against him in Sonoma County. The one he was fleeing when he took off for Thailand. Hopefully this sumbitch will be in big boy prison for a long long time after the Sonoma County DA gets done with him. And hopefully someone in the joint will shank him just like Jeffrey Dahmer got shanked.

Yeah, I know, really weird coming from a liberal. But anyone who would actually molest a kid is beneath contempt. There were too many people who were falsely accused back in the '80s Satanic Panic to where I want to see a real live molester go free. If this guy is the kind of sick fuck he seems like, then yeah, lock the mofo up and throw away the key.