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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Apple is being retarded.

They are suing SomethingAwful.Com because of this picture: (SFW)

(click for a better view)

Anyone who has built computers knows that YOU DON'T USE THAT MUCH FRICKING THERMAL PASTE ON A FRICKING HEAT SINK!!!! These instructions are the reason why the MacBookPro is toasting laps and ruining men's chances for fatherhood as well as possibly SHORTENING THE LIFE OF THE CPU AND OTHER CHIPS ON THE LOGIC BOARD.

A little dab will do ya. Just a thin application of Arctic Silver should solve the problems.

Apple is trying to silence someone that's making their engineering department look bad. This is not a fucking DMCA issue. This is what Fair Use is all about. Bite my shiny aluminum ass, Apple.