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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Looks like I gotta hang with Social Psychology anyway, but I still have tons of catch-up ball to play. And I'm going to have to apologize to some of my fellow students for being a total jerk to them when they completely forgot about the group project we were supposed to do.

I'm just going to have to assume that even if I get put together with a bunch of people in a group project that I am going to have to do everything and carry the other people in my group. Either that, or do like I did with this one presentation project I did last time and divvy everything up in chunks. That way, at least my chunk will get done and I don't have to sweat the other parts of the presentation. If the rest falls apart, I can explain the division of labor and get my good grade.

I don't think that I am going to be able to make an A in that class, especially when you consider that my prof there was my prof last semester and gave a nice big chunk of A work an A minus. If I can salvage it, I get a B. If I don't, I'll at least pass. I'm sure that when I have to explain my transcript I can explain that I just got a sorehead as a prof. And I'd be telling the Gospel Truth.

Never again, man. Never again for that particular prof. I know to avoid him in the future.