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Friday, August 26, 2005

Have I mentioned that hot San Fernando Valley days suck???

I hate being a shut-in when the heat gets going, but I really can't do anything else. We cracked the Century mark here, and then some, today. The high over Utah is basically parked there, and will stay there over the weekend. The high sends hot desert air over the inland areas of the LA area, and cranks the temperature up.

Well, one thing that might be accomplished this weekend...a little bit of cleanup. This place is a big mess and I've allowed inertia to keep me from doing the work that's been needed to be done around here. Richie's cleaned up some stuff but he's wary about doing any cleanup near my cyberlair. Understandable, I think.

Oh yeah, I'm going to have to keep away from ABC's network News. Now that Peter Jennings is gone, they are starting to sound more and more like Fox News Network. Can you say showing lots and lots of bias? I knew you could. :P