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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in deep, deep trouble. Really deep.

Check this out:

KTLA/LA Times: Non-profits Cloak Donors to Governor

Read it. Carefully.

The Governator is history now. More than likely, we've won the Special Election, too. Ah-nold is getting all Sgt. Schulz and insists he "knows nuffink" about the fancy chicanery his "people" pulled with donations. OK, give him the benefit of the doubt and say he doesn't know what was going on, that he was "uninvolved," to use his own words. Then he's an imbecile. The steroids shrank his brain as well as his wiener. However, I think it's pretty damn disingenuous of him to say he was "uninvolved." He knows if he's staying in a $6,000/month hotel suite on his dime or on someone else's dime. He knows who's footing the bill if he goes on a junket to Japan to push California products, him, the State, or campaign donors.

Why the hell is he taking all this fsckn money??? Schwarzenegger is RICH. Crazy rich. Rich enough to where he could be paying off all the student loan debt I am going to have to take on by the time I finish at Woodbury and wherever I go for my MA, plus the credit card debt I'm carrying, with his fsckn pocket change. He doesn't need millions of dollars from people with vested "special" interests to run his campaign. He can do it himself and write off the losses.

It's time to send him packing. I have a suggestion...a town in his native Austria.

As in go know the rest...