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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Friday marks the end of Winter Intersession at Valley College. Today was the last meeting of Child Development 1, which was the one and only course I took. One course during Winter Intersession is enough...5 weeks for a 3 unit course is a real mosh-pit pace, even for a topic like Child Development.

Next week marks the beginning of Spring Semester. I have my books, I even got my first of two Pell Grant payments for the semester. I'm pretty sure the lowest grade I will get in CD1 is B and it will likely work out to an A. I've got a good pace going. The math thing is something I will have to get a handle on, and soon. If I keep up with these good grades on everything else I think I will be able to balance things out on the math side.

Have I burnt out yet? Nah. Ask me in a year or two and I might give you a different answer. But so far so good.