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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I am pissed off about this worm, MyDoom. Whoever wrote this was not a friend of Free/Open Source Software. Basically this is a spam worm with a few cute little extras (keystroke logger for someone's phishing pleasure, back door for a future r00ting) and a DDoS client set to strike at the litigious bastards, um, I mean SCO website on February 1st.

Some people are actually having a lovely case of schadenfreude over this worm. After all, it only affects Windozers, right? Well it affects all of us who believe in F/OSS. It reinforces a certain stereotype some people have about our community as being a den of evil, wicked h4xx0rz who knock over websites for kicks.

Someone on Slashdot suggested that this is a "Reichtag fire" maneuver by SCO, Microsoft or both, to discredit the F/OSS community. (Yeah, yeah, Godwin can bite me.) The likely suspect would be SCO because they have staged DDoSes in the past on their site and blamed it on the F/OSS community. I would not have a hard time believing that the litigious bastards might have an in with some spambot writers.

Anyway, whoever did MyDoom will be in a heap of trouble. If SCO paid a skiddie to write MyDoom it would eventually get back to them. I'm sure anyone who would be facing USA-PATRIOT charges of "computer terrorism" would sing like a canary if someone put them up to it. And if someone did this out of a misguided desire to stick it to those litigious bastards at SCO they should understand that they have hurt the F/OSS community far more than they have helped it. In any event, if I may end this with a message to the unknown skiddie responsible for this: j00 5uxx0r, d00d. Turn yourself in to the Authorities, and apologize to the F/OSS community, asshole.