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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And it's $187 on the Chinese Laptop...

It's not going to be a ThinkPad. It's not even going to be a Lenovo ThinkPad, which are apparently losing their luster fast.

It's a Lungmeng. "Dragon's Dream." Bearing a "Godson II" proc. You gotta love those Chinese and their leet naming skills. The "Godson II" apparently is equivalent to a Pentium III or a recent VIA EPIA platform processor. It's going to be tiny... 17 CM by 14 CM. But damn, man...only $187. And yes, it runs Linux. And only Linux. This dragon don't do windows.

I have been in technolust with both the MIT crankable lappie and the Nokia Internet Tablet. However, this might be really interesting as a PDA replacement. Maybe it will come to Fry's as a Great Quality product. They've been experimenting with AMD Geode-based desktops recently on their bargain-basement end.

There are no pictures of this mini-dragon. But I'm interested...yes, quite interested.