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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Rhythm Method: think of all those poor aborted blastocysts!

One of the new tactics of the anti-Choice movement is to condemn certain types of birth control as actually being the administration of "abortifacients." The Pill, Emergency Contraception, and IUDs have all been condemned as preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. For the hard core in the anti-Choice movement, this is tantamount to abortion. Because after all, that zygote that can't implant just goes out of the uterus to certain "death."

The Catholic Church and Protestant Christian critics of birth control all seem to be on the same hymnal page on one matter: the only method of birth control allowed to the devout is the Rhythm Method. There are various variations on this method: some only relying on the calendar, some relying on the calendar plus the appearance and texture of vaginal mucus, some relying on the calendar plus body temperature as measured from the vagina. In any event, as the old saying goes, the woman who relies on the Rhythm Method for birth control usually answers to the name "Mommy" eventually.

However, should she also answer to the name "murderess?"

The British medical journal "The Journal Of Medical Ethics" lays the smack down on "natural birth control" with a scathing journal article, The rhythm method and embryonic death. Apparently only 50% of conceptions, according to scientific study and hypothesis, result in implantation. The other 50% are flushed out of the body during menstruation. So those 50% of "unborn children" that do not implant in the uterus are being "aborted" by nature. Won't someone think of the children??? [/snark]

Basically this paper was drafted to show how brain-damaged the anti-contraception arguments are. If one was really concerned about "unborn children" being "killed" by contraception, one should be an advocate of the use of condoms plus foam, diaphragm/cervical cap, or the sponge. Even condoms alone, as is observed in the paper, provide for a better safeguard against "embryonic death" than the Rhythm Method. But then again, for some believers, Every Sperm Is Sacred, as Monty Python pointed out in The Meaning Of Life. So you can't avoid "killing babies." Not even if you use 100% "natural" means of contraception, or none at all.

Shouts out to Media Girl for the tip.