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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

(Cross posted from Enough Is Enough 2006:)

Markos Moulitsas is pissing me off.

Markos Moulitsas, aka "Kos" as in DailyKos, posted a screed on DK where he talked about how he wants to "throw out my Absentee Ballot" because of the current ad warfare between Phil Angelides and Steve "Ah-nuld Lite" Westly.

I know it doesn't make it right, but WESTLY STARTED IT. Right after he made a solemn, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die pledge to run a positive campaign. I have been trying to find the picture where Arnold and Westly are shaking hands during the Recall Election, but haven't found it. It seems the piccy has gone down the "memory hole." Oh well, here's a reminder of who the real enemy is:

We need to get this steroid-damaged, Bush-fellating fuckhead out of the State House. Ah-nuld der Gropenfuhrer in the Governor's chair for four more years, with no need to campaign anymore due to his being "termed-out" after the second term, able to do whatever the hell he and Karl Rove and George W. Bush want, is a nightmare. Who can defeat him? Not "Ah-nuld Lite." Angelides is the "Anti-Schwarzenegger." He's bright, he's legitimately Progressive, and he will provide a compelling alternative to Schwarzenegger.