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Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's all over but the posting...

Social Psychology 3 units B+ 3.33
Self And Society 3 units A 4.00
Developmental Psych 3 units A 4.00
Scene And Story 3 units A 4.00
Early Mod Pol Phil 3 units A- 3.66

Total for S2006 3.80 GPA
Total GPA 3.73 GPA

I know this because Prof. Johannsen sent me this note today in my email box:


You got an "A"



OK, time to celebrate! w00t!

UPDATE 5/16, 3:45pm: these exact results went up at Woodbury IQ Web Monday at Noon. I don't know why I forgot to post this until now, but whatever. This past couple of weeks have been very low-energy and very high stress. I'm a mess.