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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What a difference a few days makes.

Apparently the Bushie Bounce is looking more like Kerry's post-Convention Dead Cat Bounce. Reports now say that the 11 point bounce Bush got from the NYC convention was more like 3-4 points. The Zogby poll still says that if the election was held today, Kerry would win more electoral votes than Bush. However, Kerry'd better get to kicking some ass and soon, or he's going to lose. And if he loses, we all lose.

I finally got my Award Letter was to be mailed tomorrow but I was able to pick it up tonight at the Financial Aid office at LAVC. It's the bare minimum...just the Pell Grant, no work-study. "We have no more funding for work-study for anyone who does not have children to support." Swell. Well, at least I won't be penalized for taking the one class I need which does not appear on the new Education Plan that was drawn up at the end of Spring Semester. I won't be paid Financial Aid monies for it, but I at least won't get docked further for it.

And Tom Reed got good news from Florida...aside from a new leak in the roof over the kitchen Hurricane Frances didn't do any lasting damage. He's staying in Georgia, taking it easy after DragonCon and waiting out the cleanup from Frances and Charley. Hurricane Ivan looks like he is more interested in a vacation in Mexico than a trip to Florida, so we're all breathing a sigh of relief for him. I think maybe Tom should consider relocating to California...we're a Blue State and we only get cataclysms once every generation or so. ^_^